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Digital printing fabrics and special dyed yarn suppliers

Introducing advanced equipmentGood ability and quality stability

Duan Dye can be applied to all raw materials except polypropylene, and can be dyed in different specifications.

Digital printing industry expertsTen years of industry experience

Segment dyeing, silk yarn anti-shrinking dyeing, mercerized cotton thread, spray dot dyeing, yarn functional treatment, fabric digital printing.

Experienced professional teamProvide efficient service

With the business philosophy of “Quality First, Customer First”, Tianhe Printing & Dyeing constantly serves every customer and makes the customers' choices worthwhile. Real peace of mind, peace of mind and peace of mind.

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         We are a company mainly engaged in dyeing,silk processing business for enterprises that exporting various types of yarn.And we also product all types of dyed yarns.

         We have four kinds of products businesses:Space dyeing,wool yarn mercerized wool dyeing,mercerized cotton,spray dyeing,yarn functional processing,digital fabric printing.

         We can print digital fabric onto cotton,linen,polyester,wool,silk,etc.

         Space dyeing,also named break special dyeing or Interval dyeing.With this kind of technology,more than ten different colors can be dyed in one twisted yarn at the same time.Space dyeing can be used for dyeing different types of products with all kinds of raw material except for polypropylene.....【More】

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  • Korean automatic drip machine
  • American colorimeter
  • mercerizing machine
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